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    Golf Tee Times in Lexington, Kentucky

Wood Review: Mizuno T-Zoid Forged

by John Kim

Mizuno T-Zoid Forged So I'm out at the range on an all-day practice session, when a friend of mine approaches me to show off his new driver. I'm not impressed. I have a new driver of my own and I'm hitting it square and long. In fact, I'm one-hopping them to a fence 270 yards away. (Yeah, it was a bit downwind.). He urges me to hit his new club. I don't want to. He practically forces me to. I say okay. I take a swing - the ball hits halfway up the fence on the fly. "Fluke" I think. I try it again. Another ball halfway up the fence. I try three more swings, I have three more rockets headed to the fence. I'm now mad. I just bought a new driver, I can't afford to fall in love with this club.

The Mizuno Forged Titanium Driver will soon become the talk of the golf community. Vijay Singh used this club to win that tournament down the road in Augusta, and I can see why. I've heard word that the USGA has warned Mizuno of how dangerously close they are to breaching the "spring-like effect" allowed on golf clubs. Regardless, the club is legal…and it is long. I can't adequately explain the physics of why the ball explodes off the face…but it does. Good enough for me.

The Good: This golf club will add distance to your drives...period. It seems fairly forgiving but don't rely on it to make a good swing for you. If you do make a good swing with it, the ball will launch off the tee, fly forever and then land hot and roll a long ways as well.

The Bad: At first, I wasn't a big fan of the look of the club. It's metallic blue finish is almost too nice for a golf club, almost like a living room vase or something. I think I even called it bowling ball when I first saw it. The look has worn on me somewhat and I can now see it as a handsome club, but I think some people will see the blue a bit awkward. It's also kind of pricey, but aren't all new clubs?

Overall: If I have to get a second job or sell blood a few times per month, I'm getting this driver for my bag. If I hit into you as you play in the group in front of me, I apologize now. I couldn't have reached you last month. Serious golfers, give this club a try.

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